Protects you. And your phone.

Our products not only makes you shine in broad daylight. They also lights up the darkness, making the road to school, the early morning walk and the late night run much safer.

A super reflective case.

Available for iPhone X, XS, 11, 11 PRO, 12, 12 mini, 12 PRO.


100% reflective.

Never enter the dark without it.


Wear reflectives without even thinking about it.

Hello darkness!
One thing we know for sure is that children and young people (and adults as a matter of fact!) are having a hard time stop staring at their phones, even when crossing a road in compact darkness. And to be completely honest, wearable reflectives are probably not top of mind when going outdoors. On the other hand, some things we hardly never leave home without. That accounts for your mobile phone, smart watch or shoelaces.

With Nattsvart you can finally conquer the darkness without ever having to think about it.